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License #198.000438

Inna Melnikov, DACM, NCCAOM National Board Certified, LAc, is an acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medical physician. She has been a practitioner of Integrative Medicine forever 20 years. Inna started practicing Integrative Medicine more than 2 decades ago at one of the large outpatient hospital clinics in Moscow, Russia. While working there, she traveled with a group of doctors to practice Integrative Medicine in the Caucasus mountain region, Northern Russia, and Siberia. For her achievements in developing and implementation of Integrative Medicine in Russia, Inna Melnikov was awarded a membership in the Russian Academy of Sciences in 1991. To continue her educational path in medicine, Inna moved the United States in 1992. She studied Western Medical Sciences at the National University of Health Sciences, and later continued her doctoral studies at the Pacific College of Health and Science. After many years working in private practice, Inna Melnikov felt that she would like to share her knowledge. As a faculty member of Northwestern University in Evanston, IL and a clinic supervisor at the Pacific College of Health and Science in Chicago, she got the chance to do that. Inna spent seven years working at PCHS, and later returned to her alma-mater, the National University of Health Sciences, to teach postgraduate programs. Now, she enjoys the best of both worlds by teaching continuing education seminars for medical professionals and medical students throughout the United States, and treating her patients with Acupuncture and Chinese Pharmaceutical Herbs. Inna Melnikov is known for her advocacy for health policy chang, environmental health and eliminating environmental hazards at home. Eastern Philosophy and practice of Oriental Medicine are important parts of her life. Inna Melnikov, DACM, NCCAOM National Board Certified, LAc, considers her family, mentors, teachers, colleagues, patients, and friends as her major inspiration, and looks forward to the opportunities to give it back. 


Dr. Melnikov is more than happy to talk with patients prior to coming in or making an appointment. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to call and ask to speak with her. 



Sandy S. via Vagaro

I started seeing Inna when I had lower back and hip muscle spasms This was initially a supplement to my Physical Therapy sessions past knee replacement. After one treatment the Physical Therapist noticed a significant improvement in my lower back Regular treatments with Inna help me sail through my PT.


Christi L. via Vagaro

Everyone there is very courteous and the environment is super clean & relaxing!!

Dr. Melnikov is very kind & professional and very experienced in her field of acupuncture.


Russ I. via Google

I was skeptical at first but figured I'd give acupuncture a try seeing as massages weren't helping with my shoulder arm pain. Dr. Melnikov did a fantastic job! I couldn't raise arm past my shoulder) after the first session I could raise it all the way up with very little discomfort. I proceeded to do a few more sessions and I have full range of motion currently. Dallas you run a great place and I highly recommend them!


Kelly K. via Facebook

I started going to RYB in July after spending the last two years ill and injured and having suffered through two bouts of COVID/long COVID. I’d been working with several Western practitioners and was still struggling. In April, I began working with a nutritionist who helped me begin healing through food, but I knew I could feel better.

From day one working with Dr. Inna Melnikov (acupuncture and herbal medicine), I knew this was going to be a game changer. Dallas suggested I might enjoy shiatsu treatments with Justin Zelinski and she wasn’t wrong. My health transformation since seeing these incredible practitioners has been nothing short of a miracle.

While my RYB practitioners did not make any claims to make this happen, my Western medicine physicians have taken me off all my blood pressure and asthma medications since I’ve been seeing Inna and Justin. My digestive system has returned to normal. I’ve lost 14 pounds. I am full of energy and have started running again - this was an important goal for me and something I consider to be a measure of success in restoring my health.

Dallas and her team truly care about people and their health. Inna has gone above and beyond, making plans for me even while she’s not in the office and taking the time to educate me along the way. Justin is patient and kind, as good a listener as he is a shiatsu practitioner. He has a really excellent podcast to supplement his hands-on work. The massages at RYB are pretty great too! I can’t recommend RYB enough.

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